24/7 Server and Network Monitoring

Server Network Monitoring

Monitor Your Website and its Infrastructure

Cloud based IT and network monitoring allows the RareBreed team to monitor your website, applications, networks and devices.

We'll customise your monitoring platform so it meets with your needs.

Easy setup, instant notifications, a single dashboard tool, intuitive monitoring and 24/7 support. 

What this all means for you is being one step ahead. Our technology ensures that problems are detected as they occur and also potential issues are raised before they happen. We monitor your vital signs almost like a hospital patient - keeping the core running at its optimum level, reducing downtime. 

Our server monitoring also allows us to register and monitor utilisation of resources. This allows us to predict when increased capacity will be needed, letting you plan for future growth without letting your business down.

What Is Monitored?

1. Network Monitoring

Have peace of mind through RareBreed network monitoring available for both Windows and Linux systems. Network monitoring is offered to systems, phone, servers, devices and more.

2. Website Monitoring

A fast, responsive website will run at an affordable price. RareBreed will monitor your uptime, transactions, conduct web stress/load tests to ensure maximum performance with little, or no, downtime.

3. Application Monitoring

Application monitors are available for a range of codes such as SQL, MYSQL, Java/JMX and others. Quickly monitor and detect processes at risk and resolve issues with applications rapidly.

4. Custom Monitoring

Easy to use API monitoring tools based in the Cloud you can track every aspect of your performance. When your stats are down, get yourself back up with custom monitoring including detailed stats, analytics, simple reporting and total control.

5. Cloud Monitoring

Immediate alerts on popular cloud providers including private, public and hybrid. Easy set up then forget it. You won't lose customers through lost 404's and faulty pages - we'll detect problems and have them fixed before your visitors notice them.

6. Server Monitoring

Site up-time and response time is essential. Server monitoring will ensure uptime of your website is optimum. Our technology allows monitoring of websites and servers from the Cloud - from multiple locations over the internet.

Real Performance, Monitoring as a Service

We'll tailor a service that fits. 

Keep your website functional to your visitors and grow with RareBreed. Contact us about server network monitoring today for affordable answers that help your website perform at its best.


Quality support that is responsive and delivered remotely to get you back working quickly

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